How long does it take for nettutor to review a paper?

NetTutor should review and review your work within 24 hours. Students can upload papers for review by a tutor and receive feedback within 24 hours. Once complete, you can download your article to review the modifications. NetTutor is a service available to all UMKC students and provides online tutoring help for more than 25 subjects.

Once the question is received, an email will be sent to the student's UMKC account and they can log back in to NetTutor to view the answer. They can point out two main objectives and any additional information in the NetTutor paper submission form that informs and guides the tutor to a more appropriate and personalized response. Students can access NetTutor from the left navigation in Blackboard or from the NetTutor website. Students can take screenshots of the document to drag and drop onto the canvas, or drag and drop the entire revised PDF document so teachers can see what the student is referring to.

Students can also go online to the NetTutor link and enter a live board to ask the teacher for any explanation of grades in their work or questions related to writing in English.