Is it hard to pass gcse maths?

While many consider mathematics to be a difficult subject, with proper teaching and preparation it can be one of the easiest subjects to achieve good results, since it is not based on the subjective opinion of an examiner as are other subjects. Retaking your gcse math exams is difficult. Chances are that you haven't done any math work for at least a few months before the results day and now you'll try to remember your algebra from your trigonometry. Remember not to panic at this time.

Take the advice of the following experts into consideration and take control of your review to ensure success. So what can we say about the math gcse of all this? It's a little less complex at the top than on other exams, probably as a result of its great strength at the bottom. But there is much more to whether an exam is difficult than complex. And there is much more to how good an exam is than how difficult it is.

Suppose you are asking a 5-point question, if, for example, you made a mistake on line 1, you will inevitably get an incorrect answer. However, if you showed all your work and used your error to the end, you would lose one mark because of the error and the response flag, but you could still get all the other notes. A little tip; this only applies if what you put next doesn't change the intention of the answer. So, for example, if you were simplifying an expression, if you collected the terms but made a mistake (for example, saying that 7a + 3b + 2a + b %3D 10a + 4b) you would get some notes, if you later collected the same terms to get 14ab, you would lose the marks, since the intent of your answer has changed substantially.

Subscriptions start from 36€ per month. Many students across the country are starting to take their GCSE exams, hoping to progress to higher-scoring higher education. If it's any consolation to students who struggled with it, this requires a conceptual leap similar to a question that Ofqual's mathematicians panel thought was among the most difficult, also posed by Edexcel. Test a selection of the type of questions teens face on this year's GCSE math test.

And remember that GCSE papers also contain more difficult questions, such as yesterday's notorious one, that are designed to help us differentiate students competing for higher grades. If you're wondering if you've managed to maintain your knowledge of GCSE, here are ten questions from last year's Edexcel math papers. The upper border of the chart shows where the most difficult quarter of the questions begins and the lower border shows where the easiest quarter ends. The mathematics involved in the second part of Hannah's candy question would be enough to solve the first, supposedly the most difficult of all.

The new GCSE is accumulating content, so the Ofqual measure may underestimate the scale of the coming change. Teachers hear this all the time, but everyone can do math and everyone can pass GCSE math with the right level of support and work ethic. We've put together the top 5 things you need to know to give you the best chance of passing your GCSE math test. This sounds unusual, but succeeding on GCSE math exams is all about understanding what you need to know and showing the examiner what you can do.