Is gcse maths pearson or edexcel?

After these extremely low grade limits added flavor to many news headlines, Ofqual said they were sure this year's grade limits were solid, so they focused on the previous year's grade limits for the new Level A of Mathematics for the 2000 students who did so after study it. for a year. Pearson Edexcel launched an investigation after learning that some scribbled images of the exam were circulating online prior to the exam session, and found that one center (out of thirty-eight possible suspect centers in a geographical location), which had been visited on very short notice, had committed a violation of serious and possibly criminally motivated security of the A-level mathematics exam. After students sat on Document 2 of the new A-Level Mathematics Specification (9MA0), many students complained online stating that the difficulty of the exam was too high and unlike anything seen in previous works.

Pearson has duly responded to the call and has produced a clear and comprehensive mathematical resource that will help students learn more effectively and efficiently. In addition, students are encouraged to deepen their understanding by connecting concepts with real situations through the resolution of relevant mathematical problems. As Edexcel is the only privately owned examining board in the UK, questions have been raised as to whether the examining board acts in the best interest of students, or solely as a for-profit company, due to the wide range of Edexcel backed textbooks published by Pearson, billion companies that own the board.