Is aqa or edexcel gcse maths harder?

In general terms, AQA is considered to be the easiest of those two exam boards, so this should also be the case in Mathematics. My teacher says Edexcel has more difficult questions but a more lenient grading scheme than the AQA. In Mathematics, Pearson Edexcel is the most popular of the tables. However, previous students have mentioned that the AQA exam seems to have easier questions to answer, since less problem solving is required to find a final solution.

The questions also have a different structure, with several parts to each question giving candidates more clues as to the technique needed to find a final answer, so more points are awarded. Looking at AQA documents, they seem easier. If Edexcel jobs are difficult but you only need 50% to approve them, AQA documents are easier but you need 70% to approve them (completely made up numbers), then you should keep that in mind. My father is in year 10, yesterday they were told in mathematics that the school would move from Edexcel to AQA in September.

Edexcel can be a little more difficult than AQA and OCR because sometimes CIE question types can appear on exams. I just looked up the exam tables listed for dd subjects and pretty much all of them are AQA with the exception of math, history and science. The main reason for this is that the questions in any IGCSE document are designed to be accessible to all students living abroad. They have a structure that is similar to an A-level social science paper, but with lower grade limits and shorter, easier essay questions, and some multiple choice and gap-filling questions, but much less than in an Edexcel article.

AQA includes questions where students must select an option by checking a box before being asked to indicate a reason in a clearly indicated set of lines. This was in response to complaints that AQA was stealing the habit of other exam boards because their sample documents were too easy. My school, for example, was more successful for GCSE resit children by putting them on a more difficult test with lower grade limits, as they could afford more silly mistakes. They don't have to be essays, but structuring your answers into complete sentences with linked words and paragraphs favors you in AQA exams.

Keep in mind that most schools avoid Edexcel as a social science exam board because, despite the easy exam, the content and questions asked do not fully prepare students who want to take subjects at level A, and because the main purpose of GCSE is to prepare students for the next steps in your education, it seems useless. While these questions are predominantly for the OCR and Edexcel exam boards, due to the fact that all exam boards must now generally examine the same content, they are useful in preparing for the A Level mathematics exams on the four exam boards: OCR, OCR MEI, Edexcel and AQA. The AQA exam itself is quite difficult, as it barely takes enough time to write solid answers to questions. In GCSE, the difficulty of the content of an exam meeting generally depends on your own learning style and the type of question you find easiest to answer.

The content is aimed at teenagers living in the UK, which means that the structure of the questions is like that of a test taken for normal GCSEs, so students feel more confident in understanding what questions are being asked. The content of the subjects in the three boards is also the same as that set out in the Department of Education's Mathematics GCSE subject content document.