Is edexcel maths a-level easy?

I am a CIE AS mathematics tutor to a friend (I am under Edexcel) and I assure you that there is a minimum difference. In fact, I found CIE M1 and M2 easier than Edexcel M1 and M2, but this is not true for pure units. So yes, in essence, A-level mathematics is more difficult than GCSE mathematics. It's a step forward in independence, as you're expected to learn the content on your own.

The more complicated questions (first) will help you eliminate these topics more quickly, making your review regime more productive and maximizing the chances that you will earn that A* in Mathematics Level A. If you fail Mathematics or English at GCSE, you will need to retake them together with your studies at the university. Calculators with this required functionality also have numerical solvers that are oriented to Level A mathematics. AIutor is a complete GCSE and A-Level mathematics platform, built by combining technology with mathematics expertise, that allows students to take learning into their own hands.

The first two level A mathematics documents contain only pure mathematical content, while the third level A mathematics document contains questions about statistics and mechanics. This means that all students taking Level A Math exams are already mathematically proficient at a semi-good level. There are also several former students of A Level Maths who have kindly posted their tips on YouTube, the most prominent of which is the following video from UnJaded Jade. A-Level Maths is much more independent than GCSE Maths, so you'll need to learn most of the content.

In addition, jobs where “qualifications in mathematical science are essential were found to have salaries of £29,000 or more, compared to only 19 percent of the overall UK workforce. If you're a self-reliant worker who enjoys solving problems, then A Level Maths may be an ideal path for you. For this comparison, I used examples from the Edexcel gcse mathematics specification and the Edexcel A-level mathematics specification. Universities consider mathematics as a subject to study at level A and for your degree, which puts you ahead of the game.

A-level Further Maths takes things one step further, so before you embark on it, make sure you can keep up with the required level of work. This platform will teach you your entire mathematics course, testing you every step of the way, until you are confident enough to crush the real thing. Therefore, we can now say that there is about twice as much content in Level A Mathematics (19 subjects) as in GCSE Mathematics (10 subjects). If you don't have the right calculator during Level A Math, you will struggle to compete with the other students taking the Level A Math exams.